How We Work

How We Work

Select an area that interests you from our Action Plan

We have outlined several areas where your business, problem-solving, leadership or communication skills can be leveraged to recover our Republic – Choose an area.
How We Work

Join this project for free and we request optional support

Your participation is needed. IF you are able to participate in covering our costs, we will promote your business on our materials, our weekly show, and so on. Click Transparency below to learn more.
How We Work

Schedule a call on how you can get started

Schedule a call or attend a kick-off event to show you the ropes, get connected with others, and leverage your skills in an efficient and productive way.
How We Work

Take action to start or join another team already in action

After your kick off, get to work, using our action plan. Or join another team already in action.
How We Work

Report back on wins/obstacles. Get support & resources on the next actions

Your wins/obstacles will add value to the rest of the DOB team. I believe that the answer to the obstacles you run into are within the rest of the DOB team

Invite Others

Please invite other business owners and problem solvers to this effort. Defend Our Union is a nationwide movement ( and we will use the results from this DOB team to accelerate the larger Defend Community.

Your participation is needed and wanted.

You are part of the answer – no one else is coming.


About how we pay for all of this…(full disclosure)

We pay software developers for our technology, pay fees for the services we use (like the text messages, website hosting, designing workflows, and training materials, and video production), we travel and meet with leaders throughout the country to get the latest information on what is happening in our nation and how we can protect our interests. We are supporting other similar movements at no charge.

If you are able, please assist us by contributing to this project. In return, your business will be listed on our website, promoted to other business owners, be part of our B to B business community, be linked in our outgoing communications, and listed on our weekly program on Brighteon, Rumble and Roku. If you can assist, please click below:

I can not assist financially but I want to be part of this project: Click here to continue (you will be taken to my calendar where we can schedule our Q and A call)