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Catastrophic Agriculture Markets


The article below is an excerpt from our Q1 2022 commentary.

“World Bank warns of ‘human catastrophe’ food crisis.”
– BBC News, April 20, 2022

“Farmers are seeing prices for fertilizers skyrocket. Some may choose to rotate crops or use less nutrients, which could reduce crop yields.”
– CNBC, April 6, 2022

“Fears of a fertilizer shortage are slowing soybean expansion in Brazil, the world’s top exporter, nearly to a halt.”
– Bloomberg, March 29th, 2022

“The global shortage of fertilizer is a huge problem. We are facing a problem of catastrophic proportions here.”
– Tony Will, CEO of CF Industries, one of the world’s largest nitrogen fertilizer producers.
CNBC, April 6, 2022

China bank collapse under way; Saudi Arabia distances from the petro dollar

Chaos and collapse are spreading. Sri Lanka now has 2-3 days of bread left on store shelves, and both the government and the economy there are in a state of total collapse. Via

All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association (ACBOA) on Sunday said that bakery products including bread will be emptied from the shelves in the next two or three days amid severe food shortage in the country.


Executive Order 14067 - Attempt to monitor and control your spending patterns

Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) called President Joe Biden’s signed executive order “the most treasonous act in U.S. history” and the creation of Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDC, as “communism in its purest form,” encouraging Americans to “stay awake.”

He is joined by Jim Rickards, another economist, investor and former CIA official who is calling it a step toward the end of cash, the greenback, in circulation since the founding fathers. The new “digital tokens” can be “turned off” if the government doesn’t like what you are doing. Rickards has four decades of experience on Wall Street.

Read White House Executive Order here